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NOW ON SALE IN BOOKSHOPS AND AT EVITA SE PERRON: "PANORAMA" - a novel by Pieter-Dirk Uys (Missing Ink)

Robben Island was the international symbol of resistance against apartheid during the last half of the previous century. Nelson Mandela was but one of the imprisoned freedom fighters that eventually led South Africa into its rainbow democracy in 1994. And yet there was suburban life in the shadow of the prison. Rosa and Karin are two schoolteachers, white Afrikaans women who do not look at the walls and barbed wire along their path to their cottage. They sit in their small world and look at the magnificence of Table Mountain across the bay, a view that has become iconic, an  inspiration they call their Panorama. For twenty- four hours in 1987, Sibi Makhale is allowed to visit her dying father in the maximum security prison. The daughter of banned parents, Sibi comes face to face with the two suspicious and frightened schoolteachers. It will prove to be a life-changing experience for all of them. Over two decades later, Sibi returns to the Island - now a World Heritage Site - with her two born-free sons. It is an attempt at closure for her, an adventure for her boys, and for the reader remarkable journey back from the dark past.

"PANORAMA" celebrates the people who through their shared passion for a beloved country managed to communicate and even laugh with each other in spite of fear, guilt and prejudice. The book is published in time for the 2014 celebration of two decades of democracy in South Africa and is set in Cape Town and on Robben Island - "right on the edge of the world, like a full stop at the end of a long sentence called Africa".

This story about South Africa's yesterday and today is inspired by Pieter-Dirk Uys's internationally acclaimed play, 'Panorama'. It is also available on Amazon/Kindle.


2 November – 28 November 2015: Theatre on the Bay CT